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LISTEN to how good our service is YOURSELF!
    The following two links are the same piece of music.  The FIRST sample is the straight transfer of music  from a record.  The SECOND sample is the same music AFTER being processed by the professional SOUND CLEANING process!  Listen for yourself and and hear why people love our service!
 (Due to variation in Internet connection speeds, if the sound samples seem 'choppy' simply replay them as they will most likely be cached by your web browser.)



CD Artwork 

How will MY CDs Look?

     Below are three images of how your jewel case and CD will look if you order these choices.

Jewel Case Front & Spine

CD with Album Art Included

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How good are we?  

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     “Wow!!!! The sound is crystal clear."  - Debra Engel, Music Teacher

    "I've spoken to you a few times. I had an album from the 60's produced by Jesuits at my brother's high school.

     I received my copies today and I am just delighted with the reproduction. We are having an 84th birthday party for my mother and I can't wait to give this to her and my brothers. I'm sure they'll be as delighted as I am.

    You offer a great service and I am sure I will use you again. Thanks so much for the wonderful reproduction - sound as well as the visual of the case!!"   - Pat Tull

    "The quality of your work is first rate (22lps), matched only by your follow up actions to assure customer satisfaction. - Larry Henneberger
DLF provided exemplary service all the way around. The packing materials for mailing my LP provided by DLF preserved my LP perfectly. There was no chance it would be damaged in transit. I was also extremely pleased with the music quality, and the way that the album cover was duplicated for the CD casing. The turnaround time was very fast also. I had the LP and CD back in 10 days. Thanks again! - Brendan Farragher
  "THANK YOU!!!! I just received the CD today, and I am extremely pleased. I appreciate your customer care. - Melinda Evans

    “The DLF Music shipping packet was so simple and easy. Thanks!"  - John Stevens   

    “Thank you for the excellent job you did in recording my dad's old Christmas albums onto CDs.  The sound quality is unbelievable, especially given the age of the albums.  I didn't realize how bad the records sounded until I listened to the CDs.

    My brother and sister and I grew up listening to the records on Christmas Eve with my dad, and now we are able to continue that part of our Christmas tradition.  This was such a welcome gift at Christmas for my family.  We will be able to enjoy the CDs for years to come, and no longer have to worry about the fragility of the original albums.

   Thanks again!”  - Rhonda Davidson

    "I was very impressed with the quality of the CD, and the imaging you used." - Julia C

    “DLF Music Transfer has opened my ears to a variety of music. The high quality of DLF CD’s takes me back to the sounds of generations past!” - Justin Wilson

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